Pierre Lewin

Crafting and playing bass

Welcome to my page! You'll find here some stuff about me... What I do and what I have done.
I started to play the guitar at the age of 11. It was a hobby untill my college mates asked me to bring my electric guitar and play to entertain the other students as we were on strike. I was extremely surprise by the success I got!!! I was invited to play in a couple of bands right away and played a few paid gigs the very same year.
A couple of years later, I invited to play bass with a professional band. I bought an old Precision Bass for the occasion, and bass became my main instrument after this experience.
I had an old "law suit copy" of an EB3 Guibson, and took off the frets. I imediately loved to play fretless! It was not easy, but as I was studying acoustic bass at the same time, I was motivated.
From my first electric guitar, customising instrument never scared me. Shortly after the successful experience with the EB3 copy, I built entirely a fretless bass that I used for 15 years on tours. It had active electronic.
Pierre Lewin

Crafting basses

I had customised my instruments since my first electric guitar. Building one from scratch was a big step in 1980!
Since, whenever I have space and my tools, it's time for fun!
Many instruments I've made are not in this list.

1986 -5 strings / scale 34'   2014 - ADGC bass / scale 23'   2016 - ADGC bass / scale 24.5'   custom body for JB / scale 34'
2017 - ADGC bass / scale 24.5'   2018 - ADGC bass / scale 24.5'   2019 - ADGC bass / scale 25'   2021 - short scale bass / scale 32'
2019 - ADGCF bass / scale 24.5'   2020 - Precision bass / scale 34'   2020 - Jazz bass / scale 34'   2023 - Telecaster bass / scale 33.5'
2023 - FireBass / scale 34'   2023 - Mustang / scale 32'   2024 - Blondy / scale 34'   2024 - Deep blue / scale 34'

Pierre Lewin

Playing bass

I did play in many bands, mainly: jazz, acid jazz, rock, funk, soul, salsa, african music, drum and bass, and house.
My main instruments are fretless tenor and bass guitars (ADGC and EADG tunnings). I stated by playing guitar, and for quite some time upright bass (3/4 acoustic and electric). I studied alto saxophone and congas for a few years too.
In 1980 I realised then that fretless electric bass was much more the sound I was looking for and took off the frets of a copy of Gibson EB3. A year later I made entirely my first fretless bass, that I used at evry gig for more than 15 years.
My sound was influenced first by bass players like Patrick O'Hearn (F. Zappa) and Pino Paladino.

Also check Sound Momentum :

1981 - France   1981 - with "Pizza Banana" / salsa big band / Grenoble France
1981 - with "Voa Bongosso" @ the Quasimodo, Berlin Germany / originals afro-latin-funky   1998 - with the "Groovators" / acid jazz / Portugal
2006 - "Breackazoid" live act performance / Portugal
2019 - "Funkazoid Trio" project / Portugal
2014 - my first gig with the prototype of "tenor bass" / Faro Portugal
2017 - live jam in Sao Paulo Brazil, with Fabio Saffi on drums
2018 - with "Grooving High" / funky jazz / Portugal   2022 - "Funkazoid Quintet" project, original music / funky jazz / Sao Paulo Brasil
Pierre Lewin

Creating and producing music

Check my new album!
15 great funky tracks!

With this music player down here, you can listen to some of my work in electro dance style:

Pierre Lewin

Contact me

By phone and Whatsapp:
Brasil : +55 (62) 99150-9919   
France : +33 7 453 127 531

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